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Hard to Insure Clients?

You have hard-to-insure clients, we have guaranteed products and a team that will walk you through the process. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Guaranteed Products Made Easy

At Finaeo, we offer access to guaranteed products for your hard-to-insure clients. Your personal concierge will work closely with you, generating quotes and helping you with the application process to ensure that your client gets the coverage they need. 

No Big Moves Required

Have a hard-to-insure case that your firm or carrier won't handle? Finaeo will work with you on it without asking you to leave your current contract situation. We have advisors from every major MGAs and firms working with us on the side already. 

Make More Money, Cover More Clients

By working with Finaeo, you ensure that your hard-to-insure clients are taken care of. As an added bonus, we offer better bonus structures than your current firm. So you get to close more cases, insure more clients, and make more money for each one. That's a win-win-win to us.

Why Work With Finaeo?

A digital assistant that helps you close

How Does Finaeo Work?

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We'll call you within 1-2 business days to chat and connect you with our concierge

Work With Our Concierge

Your Finaeo concierge will go through potential cases, helping you with the application process

You Stay With Your Firm

No need to switch firms (unless you really want to). You will work with Finaeo alongside your current firm, focusing on hard cases.

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